Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Like always, Petronas comes out with the most touching Chinese New Year TV ad every year.

Have you always been following Petronas' Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali ads every year and think they are always the best and most touching ads? Now you will get to be among the first Malaysians to watch the latest ad from Petronas even before it is aired on TV.  Not only that, you can also easily send Chinese New Year e-greetings to your friends and share CNY banners! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Khamis, 27 Januari 2011

How to change your 'credit card fees' into free stuff instead. For Malaysians only

Have you always wanted to get a new credit card but the annual fee is too expensive for you? Or are you thinking that it is pointless to get another credit card as all of them are giving you the same benefits? The brand new Maybankard 2 is offering plenty of benefits for you such as 5 times more TreatPoints, 5% weekend cashback, waived annual fee and only 8.88% of finance charge to your credit card! This could be the best credit card offer you can get out there!

Time to get products from Apple. RM10,000 worth of it. Here's how.

Here's a very simple contest for you to win a whole load of Apple gadgets. Just recruit your friends through Facebook to join this contest and stand a chance to win the grand prize RM10,000 Machine vouchers, 3 x iPad for monthly winners and a whooping  65 x iPod Shuffle for weekly winners! How is the winner determined? Very simple, the one who get to recruit the most friends every week, every month and overall number of recruits will win! Check out the scoreboard to see how well you do against others!

How to get RM20 "Angpow" bonus credit from your Hotlink

Guess what, Hotlink is giving away early 'angpow' for you to stay
connected with your friends and family! You will get RM20 bonus credit
free when you purchase a RM20 Hot Ticket or RM30 bonus credit with
every RM30 Hot Ticket.


Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Tag your friends who match these personalities, play 3 fun games and win big prizes like Macbook Air and iPhone4with MILO Fuze!

Who is the biggest geek among your Facebook friends? How about the most busybody? The shy one? The prettiest of all? A rockstar? Tag your friends who fit in these personalities to let them know! Also, if you want to win prizes like Macbook Pro, iPhone 4, iPad, and Playstation 3, simply beat the high score of these 3 fun games and the prizes will be yours!

Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

This must be the best Korean Drama streaming website in Malaysia!

Watch all the hot and latest Korean drama for Free in Maaduu! Stream high-quality videos without downloads or buffering. Catch all the amazing drama like Boys Over Flowers, Cinderella Man, Coffee Prince Slave Hunters and many more now!

Isnin, 3 Januari 2011

Clean and Clear Top Models


The CLEAN & CLEAR "Top Best Friends Models" search is here!! You and your best friend could be the New Faces of CLEAN & CLEAR!!! It's so simple to join: 1. Register 2.Upload your photo 3. Vote, and also TELL your friends to Vote Be the top 15 models in your country! Tell your friends to Vote! Then, the Panel of Juries will choose the country's representative to compete with 6 other Asia countries' representatives in CLEAN & CLEAR Top Best Friend Models 2010. 


The HP Mini 5102 Touchscreen Netbook

Use the promo code "YS" and get RM50 off the hottest HP Mini 5102, a lightweight mini executive that’s packed with the latest multi-touch touchscreen and touchpad technology. RM50 off if you buy before 2nd June! And have you seen the RED color? You can only get it via this online store! Have a look...


Watch all the funny and crazy things people do with Nescafe!


After months of people submitting their songs and videos from
across Malaysia... the final top 20 videos have been chosen for
Nescafe Chillah. Some of them are entertaining, heartwarming, crazy...
but only one will win. Which one? You decide.