Isnin, 7 Mac 2011

Just finished SPM? Here's 3 reasons to check out SeGi's Open Day...

So, what are you doing after SPM? Wondering which course or college is the best plan for yourself? Then you should attend Segi University College Open Day to broaden your options. This will not be like any other typical boring Open Day but one that will be fun and full of surprises. You will get to meet SeGi's own students, who will walk you around the campus, giving you the 'real deal'. The career talks are also conducted by professionals. And... although SeGi's students get free YES4G wireless broadband, you might get a free 4G phone just by coming... and this is on top of all the mystery gifts awaiting you when you RSVP on Facebook! Well, no harm going, right? Check it out and remember to tell your friends to RSVP here for the gifts!