Khamis, 31 Mac 2011

Nak baca semua berita sensasi terkini Malaysia dari Facebook?

Tahukah anda Harian Metro adalah akhbar No.1 di Malaysia? Itulah sebab jualan Harian Metro boleh mencecah sehingga 370,000 setiap hari! Kalau anda peminat tabloid dan suka baca berita sensasi dan gosip-gosip yang terbaru, cubalah 'Like' Facebook Harian Metro dan berita yang terbaru semua akan dipaparkan di dinding Facebook anda. Kan senang?


Selasa, 29 Mac 2011

There are only 300 Handcrafted Limited Edition versions of this available in Malaysia

There's only 300 units in Malaysia, so if you miss this, you'll miss the chance of owning a new Satria Neo R3. Inspired by motorsports, this beauty is assembled by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Isnin, 7 Mac 2011

Just finished SPM? Here's 3 reasons to check out SeGi's Open Day...

So, what are you doing after SPM? Wondering which course or college is the best plan for yourself? Then you should attend Segi University College Open Day to broaden your options. This will not be like any other typical boring Open Day but one that will be fun and full of surprises. You will get to meet SeGi's own students, who will walk you around the campus, giving you the 'real deal'. The career talks are also conducted by professionals. And... although SeGi's students get free YES4G wireless broadband, you might get a free 4G phone just by coming... and this is on top of all the mystery gifts awaiting you when you RSVP on Facebook! Well, no harm going, right? Check it out and remember to tell your friends to RSVP here for the gifts!


Sabtu, 5 Mac 2011

Are you feeling bored? Want to try doing something fun and exciting this week?

Feeling bored and lonely at home? Want to try doing something new, fresh and exciting around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur? Here's a good news for you. Groupsmore helps you to discover new places and new activities to do at a discounted price! Whether it is new place for food, beauty, fashion, hairstyling, spa, or activities, Groupsmore promise to give you discount up to 90%!


Khamis, 3 Mac 2011

Want to be the next cool trendsetter in Malaysia? Here's your chance to be one.

StyleKandi is a platform that allows people to discover new trends and fashion. Upload your blog posts, share your pictures or even post your Flickr photos. Be you a designer, blogger, or just someone proud of your new sneakers, watch as your style catches fire and inspires the community. StyleKandi is about so much more than just fashion; if it’s cool you’ll find it here. Register now for your chance to be one of the chosen few to take part in our beta session.


Rabu, 2 Mac 2011

This is the last chance for you to get awesome air ticket deals at Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair!

Have you bought any cheap air tickets deals from Malaysia Airlines Travel Fare yet? Check out all the best air ticket deals to destinations all around the world from Langkawi to Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and all the way to Europe and US brought to you by Malaysia Airlines! Today is the last day of promotions, so hurry! You wouldn't know when you will get such opportunity again if you miss this one!


This advertising campaign for youths has won many big awards. Have you seen it already?

Do you remember the popular Mohd. Khairuddin's mum YouTube video which you had watched like several months ago? This campaign by Alliance Bank was so successful, it has already won many awards such as 4 Kancil Awards, 3 Hall of Fame Awards and several more. Curious why this campaign is so crazily successful? Find out more about You:nique credit card and prepaid card ... and you may very well know why.

Selasa, 1 Mac 2011

Good news, Xpax users! The more you reload, the more reward you will get!

Celcom Xpax is rewarding loyal users who always top-up their phone with free talktime, free SMS, free credit and a chance to win RM8,888 cash! With just a minimum reload of RM10, the more you reload, the more rewards you get!
Find out how you can win these reward!

Last chance to win Macbook Air, iPad, iPhone or Sony PS3 - just tag your friends and share. Easy!

Last chance, they're about to giveaway the Macbook Air, iPad, iPhone or Sony PS3, there's 3 to 5 units each. Just tag your friends and 'jam-pack' them in the fun game. Beat the high scores and get the prizes! The contest is about to end, better hurry up!


Earth Hour is back! Get a free reminder to turn off your lights.

Earth Hour 2011 on 26th March prepares to showcase a global community committed to taking environmental actions that go beyond the hour. Now Malaysians can join this global community to take simple actions towards a more sustainable lifestyle for everyone. For example, individuals can pledge to switch off their TV and computer, instead of leaving these in standby mode.

So, sign up, and make pledge to "Live Green: One switch at a time!"